• Computational Biology Group

    Computational Biology and Bioinformatics are practiced at different levels in many labs across the Stanford Campus. The best reason to take up Computational Biology at the Stanford Computer Science Department is a passion for computing, and the desire to get the education and recognition that the Stanford Computer Science curriculum provides. Computer Science also provides excellent opportunities for funding and fellowships and close relationships with researchers at the cutting edge of machine learning, algorithms, data visualization, databases, systems and more.

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Why Computational Biology?

Computational Biology is one of the most exciting fields of modern science. As recent technological advances have turned Molecular Biology and related areas into Information Sciences, algorithmics, computational tool building and massive data analysis have begun to thoroughly rewrite the textbooks on Biology and make Personalized Medicine a reality. The constant influx of new technologies, new data, and new insights guarantees a vibrant and fulfilling research environment and continued opportunities in industry and academics.

Why Stanford?

Because of the colleagues, opportunities, facilities, and the true interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial spirit on campus (as well as unmatched weather and Bay Area setting). US News ranks Stanford University as the #1 Best Graduate School in both computer science, biological sciences, and in genetics, genomics and bioinformatics.